Our Roms

Our Place is Comfortable, Quiet, and Safe, Starting at $300 Per Day


Each of our rooms is a comfortable place where you will feel at home as your journey unfolds.

You can sit, lay down, or move around.

You will always have a Licensed Facilitator making sure you have a safe space to explore.

Each room offers something slightly different.  Some rooms have more of a view to the outside world.  Others have less view, offering less light for deeper introspection.

We have a large waiting area where your loved ones, or friends, can wait and relax.

We always have staff on site to answer questions.

You will feel relaxed and safe around a group of people who care about you, and your goals.


Room 1. $600

This is our largest and most popular room with a view.

Room 2. $250 until May 31, then $300.

This room can be made completely dark for those clients wishing a very deep–introspective–journey without any visual distractions.

Room 3. $300 until May 31, then $350.

Semi dark room with some filtered, natural, light.

Room 4. $500

This is our second most popular room with filtered natural light, and some view to trees and mountains.

Room 5. $500 until May 31, then $400.

This room has filtered light, is spacious, and has a vaulted ceiling.

Lobby / Waiting Area / Group Space

Clients and loved-ones often spend time in our lobby.