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We’ve Seen Close to 600 Clients to Date

All Inclusive Psilocybin Therapy for $1,250 (or less)

At Satya Therapeutics, your well-being is our priority.  We believe the human connection, coupled with psilocybin, provides a great opportunity for healing.  Our results prove this.

We’re open every day of the week without a wait list (you can schedule any time)If you have questions call us (541) 930-2478 and one of our co-founders will answer your questions.

Research shows, and our results testify (Google Reviews), psilocybin can be very effective in treating:


   After one session most clients gain

   control over alcohol


   Majority of clients gain profound



   Clients feel great reductions in

   anxiety levels


   Psilocybin greatly helps with



   Clients reframe their obsessions,

   overcome compulsions

We have services starting at $1,250–all inclusive, making our service very affordable.

Veterans, First Responders and disadvantaged people receive discounts. 

Our psilocybin services are the most affordable in the State–and highly effective.

Our program is effective: very few clients require more than a single session (less than 5%).  IF a second session is needed, you will have gained the intuitive knowledge to know how and when to proceed.

A State licensed–trauma informed–Facilitator will guide you through the process in a friendly manner.  We have the most experienced facilitators in Oregon.

The founders of our company grow all of the mushrooms we sell under a separate license,

Located in Ashland, our service center offers a comfortable, beautiful, space for you reach your wellness goals.

Please consider us as a beginning to your Journey to Wellness.

Contact us today.  We will get back to you quickly.

Satya Therapeutics
638 N. Main Street
Ashland OR 97520


(541) 930-2478

Satya Therapeutics is a “mom and pop” operation founded by a group of people who deeply care about you and your mental health.  As the leading provider of Oregon psilocybin services.

As the first Southern Oregon psilocybin service center, we proudly serve Ashland, Medford, Grants Pass, and Northern California.  Client’s come from all over the world to enjoy our safe and comfortable environment.

If you need more information regarding the Oregon Health Authority programs please follow this  Oregon Health Authority : Oregon Psilocybin Services : Prevention and Wellness : State of Oregon.