Psilocybin Therapy Cost

We Strive to Offer a Psilocybin Therapy Cost that Makes Our Services Available to Everyone.  The Average Cost of a Journey is $1,250.  There are options available to make the cost $1,000–or less.

Let’s face it, prices everywhere are high, and going up.  Psilocybin services in Oregon can appear very expensive.

We pride ourselves as having taken a leadership position because we chose to start with reasonable prices.

The price of our psilocybin will ALWAYS be less than other psilocybin service centers because we grow our own mushrooms.

Our room rates will ALWAYS be comparable to other service centers because overhead is low.

Most importantly, our facilitators share our commitment to affordable psilocybin services.

The price of psilocybin therapy is made up of three components, for example:

Facilitator                            Rooms (5)              Psilocybin                                                   Your Cost

$600                                        $400                     $200 (50mg)                                               $1,200


Another example, our lowest price room:

Facilitator                            Room (2)                  Psilocybin                                                     Your Cost

$600                                        $300                       $150 (35mg)                                                 $1,050


Our pricing is very reasonable, and here is how we stack up vs. other service centers with with the most affordable

room and facilitator (Room 2):


Service Center                       Facilitator                   Room              Psilocybin 35mg      Total Cost

Portland J                                    Closed                      Closed                     Closed                   Closed

Portland C                                   $750                         $500                         $210                      $1,460

Portland Fractal                        $750                         $500                         $161                      $1,411

Portland V                                   $1000                      $995                         $210                      $2,205

Albany I                                       $750                          $950                         $210                     $1,910

Eugene Epic                               $825                         $1,375                       $525                     $2,725

Ashland Omnia                         $900                         $900                          $220                     $2,020              

Satya                                  $750                   $300                     $150                $1,200



Some facilitators have a sliding scale and will offer additional discounts.

We believe in supporting veterans, law enforcement officers, and other first responders.  Many of our facilitators will adjust prices to support people exposed to trauma and stress resulting from their occupation.

Call (541) 930-2478 or email ( for more information.


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