Affordable Psilocybin Therapy

We Strive to Make Our Services Affordable to Everyone.

$1,250 All Inclusive Psilocybin Therapy.  


Let’s face it, inflation is everywhere.  Psilocybin services in Oregon can appear prohibitively expensive.  Clients cite “price” a determining factor when making a choice.

To make matters worse it’s very hard to decipher the costs when comparing different service centers.  To make it simple, we provide a table below showing the price ranges–assuming service centers will serve 50mg of psilocybin (some will only serve up to 35mg). 

We pride ourselves as having taken a leadership position because we offer reasonable prices.


The price of psilocybin therapy is made up of three components:

   Facilitator: Facilitators are Independant Service Providers

   Rooms: You will be in a room for the day, paid to Service Center

   Psilocybin: Paid to the Service Center, carries a 15% tax

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