Frequently Asked Questions

We prefer to discuss your questions over the phone, (541) 930-2478.  You can also set up a meeting at no cost to you to have your questions answered with, Andreas Met.

Will it Work for Me?

Everyone is different.  Research conducted by respected institutions shows significant improvements in depression, anxiety, OCD, addiction, and existential crisis.

The results we have seen to date are excellent, with several hundred clients:

   Complete Elimination of Symptoms:     23%

   Significant Reduction in Symptoms:      52%

   Reduction in Symptoms:                           22%

   Little to no Improvement:                        3%

So chances are very good you will have some improvement in symptoms.


Do I Need More than One Session (should I book two)?

We believe the answer is NO.  We suggest a single session, and then assessing whether another session is warranted.  If it is then you will be much more informed on how to proceed.  95% of the people who have an intense psilocybin experience require time to “integrate” that experience prior to doing another intense journey.


How Do I Know this is “Legitimate?”

 We are fully licensed by the Oregon Health Authority.  We suggest you research all of your options, especially paying attention to Google reviews.  How many reviews are there and what is their quality?  By quality we mean, are people describing their experience and why it was so profound?  We have a large number of high quality reviews that you can read (Google Reviews).


Is Psilocybin Safe?

Research shows that psilocybin is a safe drug and has few harmful interactions with other drugs.

Psilocybin is a natural compound found in mushrooms, from the earth.  It’s very gentle, yet powerful.

Humans have been consuming and benefitting from psilocybin since time began.


How Confidential is the Process?

 All of your records are stored physically in a vault.  Nothing is ever digitized.  Never.

The only way your records can be released is if you request for their release.

If you do request your records they will be COPIED and snail-mailed to you.

No one will ever have access to your information.


Why Should I Pay $1,000 (or more) When I Can Do it at Home for $35?

People do receive benefit going the D-I-Y route and we believe the success rate is under 5%.

When you come to Satya Therapeutics your odds go up to 97%.

We are the lowest cost option in the State of Oregon.

Some of our facilitators have hundreds of hours experience seeing people at Satya.

We believe our process gives you the best chance of success: money well spent.


Do You Have a Wait List?

No.  Never.  We have openings every day of the week.  Call us today (541) 930-2478. 



People Say I Will Have a Spiritual Journey, What Does that Mean?

Psilocybin is an entheogen which means it tends to produce effects that lead toward “spiritual” experiences.

Everyone’s definition of spiritual is different.  Entheogens tend to enhance a person’s connection to spirituality.

If you have a faith (Christian, Muslim, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.) you can expect your connection to that faith to improve.

As a company we believe in diversity and our facilitators have diverse backgrounds.

Whatever your beliefs may be, they will be supported and respected in a safe space.

How Much Psilocybin Will I Take?

The amount of psilocybin you will take is determined by you and your facilitator.  The choice depends upon:

      Your condition(s) such as Treatment Resistant Depression, Alchol Use Disorder, OCD, etc.,

      Your prior experience with psychedelics, 

      Your intention,

      The medications you may be taking (SSRI’s)

A strategy will be developed for your specific needs and situation.

The typical dose strategy involves starting with a preliminary amount (say 7.5mg of psilocybin or 1 gram).

After an hour a “boost dose” may be given after you see what the effects are.

Our goal is to take you to the experience level you need: not too high and not too low.


What is the Maximum Dose I Can Receive?

The maximum dose is 50mg of psilocybin which is twice the typical therapeutic amount referenced in medical research.

As you investigate dosing strategies please be aware that Satya WILL provide doses at the 50mg level.



Why are Other Service Centers in the State Limiting Doses to 35mg?

We believe that up to 40% of the clients receiving psilocybin services require larger doses.

If you take SSRI’s, or other medicines, please make sure you cover this topic with your facilitator.

Most of our clients require more than 35mg of psilocybin.


Do I Need to Stop Taking My Medicine?

That is up to you and your doctor.

We take people as they come.  95% of the clients we see have not changed their prescription medications prior to coming.

That being said, we believe your results could be much better if you do make adjustments: consult with your doctor.


Will I Have Control Over My Actions When I Take Psilocybin?

 The answer is “yes” in a psychedelic way.

You will always be able to move about, you will be able to follow directions if needed, and you will always have your free will.

That being said, internal “control” is something many clients need to give up to help resolve issues.

Psilocybin is a great tool to help do that.


Will I See Colors and Shapes?

 The best expectation for a psilocybin journey is to not make an expectation based on what others have experienced.

You may see shapes, colors, landscapes, universes, or nothing at all, or all of these things at once.

You may experience a multitude of emotions intensley, maybe at the same time.

Your experience may be purely intellectual with a precise clarity.

Whatever you experience you can trust that the psilocybin is making your mind show you what you need to see.  100%.


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