The most important part of your journey is selecting a facilitator who will guide you through the entire process: paperwork, scheduling and most importantly setting your intention and preparing you.

Facilitators create a “safe space” to shine a light on the areas you want to explore.

If you see someone that you feel “resonates” with you, go with your instinct.  Let us know and we will get you in contact.  And if you want to talk to more than one facilitator, that’s perfectly acceptable.



Room rates are between $300 and $600.  Psilocybin is between $150 and $200.

Robert Allen

Robert’s early exposure to psilocybin has shaped a worldview anchored in compassion and empathy. Drawing from diverse experiences, he assumes the role of facilitator with a grounded presence and exhibits a calm disposition that lacks judgment and preconceptions. Robert wholeheartedly believes that everyone deserves, and can achieve healing. Addressing trauma through a psilocybin-informed perspective, he truly feels that individuals can lead lives infused with compassion, inner peace, and self-understanding. Specializing in depression and anxiety, PTSD, and trauma healing, Robert has also demonstrated success in guiding clients through personal transformation and navigating non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Free Consultations

Facilitation Fee:

                           Up to 35mg Journey $500

                           Up to 50mg Journey $750


Discounts offered for 1st time participants, Veterans, and others available. Please enquire for more information.

See Robert’s Web Page: Central Compass Services





Valentine Welch

Equipped with a 2023 bachelor’s degree in psychology, Valentine possesses a rich tapestry of experiences that have shaped her empathetic and compassionate approach to guiding facilitators and journeyers. Her history spans 10+ years of involvement in early childhood development and caring for disadvantaged and developmentally disabled children, along with 2 years of dedicated service as an EMT in emergency and hospice care. After years of helping people in multiple fields and pursuing education to become a counselor, personal exploration with psychedelics revealed a novel pathway to lasting healing with the potential for systemic change. After spending time immersed in a psychedelic healing community in San Diego, her experiences cultivated a sense of playfulness and joy, which she tempers with respectful and responsible use. Rooted in her educational background, her commitment is unwavering in guiding clients toward safe, sacred, client-centered environments for expansive personal growth and transformation through psilocybin experiences.
  • Facilitation Fee: $800

Mike Welch

Is it time to explore the world of psychedelics and see if all the success people are having will apply to you? Look no further than myself, Michael Welch, a seasoned and compassionate guide with decades of experience in the realms of psychedelics, men’s therapy, and martial arts. Through a unique fusion of these profound disciplines, we can empower you to become the best version of yourself, guiding you on an extraordinary voyage towards self-fulfillment and self-realization.
A Little About Me:
At 47 with a 23 year old married son, a 25 year old daughter and being married for 25 years to the same supportive and nurturing woman, relationships are paramount! We have all experienced the ups and downs of being in a relationship. Improving communication has been at the heart of this movement creating a constant education and reevaluation of skills that have led to this calling. After wrestling with demons around anger management, anxiety, and substance abuse that plague so many of us, I find myself here ready to help others. The Japanese have a saying: A stream that is too pure has no fish. There are plenty of fish in my stream and I am here to let you know that you are not alone.
Men’s Therapy Mentor:
As a devoted member of the Mankind Project for over 15 years, I have delved into the world of men’s therapy and my own, fostering a nurturing and transformative space for self-discovery, healing, and growth. This extensive experience allows us to create a supportive environment for all those seeking to explore and understand their masculinity or femininity, need a safe and understanding male energy, foster emotional intelligence, and build authentic connections with others.

All Inclusive Cost of Service:

Facilitation Fee: $850

Bern Haggard

Hello. I have worked intentionally and extensively with Entheogens for over 25 years. During this time, I developed a deep understanding of the expanded awareness and profound healing that can occur with Psilocybin.

While traveling to sacred sites in countries such as, Mongolia, Thailand, Peru, Mexico, Belize, and the the Amazon Jungle, I participated in numerous and varied Hallucinogenic plant medicine circles and ceremonies. Of which, I studied the different modalities and effects, or what I called “getting the download”. I learned the hard way early on, the importance of journey preparation. Then, I realized the tangible benefits of consciously integrating the experience into you life.

I mentored closely for multiple seasons with a Peruvian Curandera facilitating Ayahuasca group circles. It was this potent work that gave me the meaningful experience of what it takes to hold space for someone in a grounded and compassionate way while they go deep within the psychedelic realms of themself.

I’m honored to use my experience and be of service as a Licensed Psilocybin Facilitator. Thank you

Facilitation Fee: $950, inquire for lower rates.

Bern Haggard – Licensed Facilitator (cybinservice.com)


Rebecca Mehta

With a fiercely compassionate heart, Rebecca specializes in working with
people of all ages, backgrounds, and life circumstances. Drawing from her
own experiences of adversity and resilience, she skillfully assists others on
their healing path.

Rebecca excels at guiding others through difficult emotions, offering
reassurance, grounding techniques, and practical tools to alleviate anxiety.
Most importantly, she reflects back to clients the courage it takes to trust
their innate wisdom and prioritize their own well-being. Her approach is
comprehensive, encompassing thorough preparation, the creation of a
serene setting for the journey day, and thoughtful integration. Rebecca
views the psilocybin experience as a pivotal moment within a broader
journey of self-discovery.

With her intuitive nature and relatable presence, Rebecca creates a safe
and supportive environment for healing. Her experience with entheogens
has been transformative by strengthening her closest relationships,
quieting her inner critic, and fostering acceptance of life’s challenges.
In addition to her professional work, Rebecca is a dedicated mother of two
teenagers and an avid equestrian. For the past decade, she served as the
founder and lead teacher at a Waldorf farm school. She looks forward to
collaborating with you!

Link to Rebecca’s latest google review https://g.co/kgs/AKCDcpp

Facilitation fee $1000 with need based financial assistance available

LGBTQI+ safe space

Markus Lyons

Markus Lyons’ credentials for being a Facilitator of Psilocybin Therapy are accentuated within  his own healing journey.  Markus’ ability to be fully present emotionally, mentally and physically while witnessing the healing process can only traverse the depths with which he has experienced within himself.  Psychedelics have played a profound part in his deep healing journey for the past 20 years.

Markus has been curious, passionate and explorative in his relationship with the healing process using psychedelics.  In his own journey with psychedelics he naturally approaches psilocybin as a teacher and guide for traversing the subconscious and shadow self.  Through his own healing path of turning toward what is uncomfortable with curiosity, he has cultivated a deep well of compassion and empathy for all the myriad ways healing unravels.  

He believes it is a Gift to be witness to the expansive healing nature that psilocybin shares with us.

Markus started out on his Healing Arts journey in his 20’s attending Maui School of Therapeutic Massage, becoming LMT Certified in ’09.  Eventually Markus weaved his way toward the ancient practice of Tea.  Today, Markus considers himself a kind of ‘Practitioner of Tea’ and devotes time everyday to the ‘Way of Tea’ in which he approaches the leaf as a Tao, a self cultivation practice of simplicity, slowing down and resting in ‘not knowing’.  Markus owned the Dragon GongFu Teahouse from ’18-’21 which eventually evolved into Mountain Tea Temple, holding Tea Ceremony and communal Tea gatherings for his Communities.  He is now offering Tea Ceremony as an Integration practice for Psilocybin Journey’s.

Being a ‘space holder’ for Markus is as natural to him as the mushroom is to the mycelium. 

Markus has traversed over 14yrs of marriage to his beautiful wife and continues to discover the endless emotional tapestry that Love weaves within one’s self.  His greatest love is being Father to his two beautiful boys as he dedicates his life to these loving relationships.

For any questions and interest in discovering the therapeutic benefits of psilocybin journeys with Markus, please direct message him at MTT777@protonmail.com or 808.927.7338

Facilitation Rate: $1,000, inquire for special discounts.


Andreas Met

Andreas’ experience with psychedelics spans 39 years, rooted in the idea of personal freedom and powerful life lessons.  Andreas has seen more than 60 clients at Satya with many profound results, as numerous Google reviews attest, most recent review.

Having had one foot planted in the “corporate world” and the other in a bohemian mindset, Andreas has deep experience working in the corporate default mode network and all of its trappings (the high costs of success through the pursuit of a career).

He’s looking forward to collaborating with those people grappling with alcohol, anxiety, depression, and that heavy weight that results from the burdens of this complex society.  Most of Andreas’ clients are at difficult crossroads–places Andreas knows well, having transformed many times in his life.

Andreas’ approach is broadening awareness and enhancing mental well-being through self-knowledge and the power of our inner “healer.” This is achieved through meticulous groundwork, transformative experiences, and thorough extensive integration post-journey.

Andreas’ intention is to facilitate your journey towards holistic growth — mind, body, and spirit.

Outside of founding Satya with his wife, Jennifer, and daughter Isabella, Andreas competes in Jiu-Jitsu and has a profound love for the outdoors and wild places. 

Schedule a no cost appointment to answer any questions you have.  

Visit his Website.

Facilitation Fee: $1,000  (Andreas frequently offers discounts, just ask)

Pronouns: He / Him, Andreas.  Transgender Safe Space.


Shelah Wind-Smith

Warmest greetings!  I am a licensed psilocybin facilitator based in Oregon. In addition to this role, I am also a mother, wife, artist, entrepreneur, and beekeeper. Over the past three decades, I have delved into the transformative realms of psychedelics, and I am deeply honored to support others on their paths of growth and healing.  I consider witnessing vulnerability as a sacred duty.

My background in nursing and hospice care has instilled in me a deep appreciation for nurturing human connection and guiding individuals through transitions. After departing from the traditional healthcare model, I find immense joy in returning to serving people from a more holistic and humanistic approach.

Drawing from indigenous wisdom, I believe that mushrooms are teachers with their own intelligence, capable of connecting individuals to their internal wisdom and unique paths. In my practice, I provide a safe, non-judgmental, and sacred space for exploration, placing a strong emphasis on integration.

My personal journey includes overcoming religious trauma, addiction, depression, negative mindset, creative blocks, and abuse. As a result, I feel comfortable and capable of supporting individuals dealing with a variety of challenges.

Embracing my identity within LGBTQIA+, neurodivergent, and disabled communities, I am dedicated to promoting accessibility and inclusivity for all. I offer my services on a sliding scale or through scholarships.

Free 15 Minute Consultation

Facilitation fees range from $1,300, inquire for lower rates.

For more information, please visit: www.ripple.care

Pronouns: She / They


Michael Rhodes

Some highlights of my life include being a part of the “Summer of Love” in San Francisco. This is where I had my first experience with psychedelics.

I moved to Ashland where I opened the first City and State licensed Massage Studio across from the college. Then I went across the street and enrolled in the college, now Southern Oregon University. I graduated with a Masters Degree in Psychology and Education.

My internship at the CARE Unit was a thirty-day residential treatment center and medical detox center, which became my first job in recovery. I became a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Master’s Level (CADC III).

After a significant loss in my life, I went to WinterSpring Center for Grief and Loss first as a client and then as a facilitator of the Sudden Loss group. I worked at the Allied Medication Assisted Treatment Program for Opioid Addiction (2016-2020).

I have my private practice now counseling those dealing with addiction and/or grief. Then I became an Oregon Licensed Psilocybin Facilitator in 2023 and now am very excited to be able to add this powerful tool to my work!

Now, when I facilitate psilocybin sessions I establish a place that is safe to share and bear witness to what was shared, and as much as possible to stay out of the way of the individual’s journey. As a psilocybin facilitator, I bring over 50 years of experience working with various altered states.

What I have learned about psilocybin facilitation is that the best way to have a productive session is preparation. We will spend as much time as needed to help you feel ready and as much time as you need to integrate your trip a day or so after the experience. We will work in person initially, and afterwards either in person or via my telehealth portal. The psilocybin session is done at one of the three service centers in Ashland, Oregon.

Contact me today for questions and more information through Psychology Today’s Therapist Finder for Ashland, Oregon. You can also call me at (541)625-1159.



Michael J. Rhoades, MS, CADC III, LPF

Facilitation Fee: $1,200

Pronouns: He / Him, Michael.


Heidi Chase

Heidi is a nutritional therapy practitioner, a ICF credentialed coach, a licensed psilocybin facilitator and a long time plant medicine advocate.  She has deep respect that a psilocybin experience can offer a gateway to healing, and it is her honor to co-create with you a safe, confidential container, free of judgement to shape your path to healing.  She specializes in mind-body connection and working with folks wanting to explore their own unique journey with body image.  Wanting a kinder self-worth, self-compassion and to feel more alive, free, appreciative, and in connection.

Her approach as a coach and facilitator is that each one of us are naturally creative, resourceful and whole, able to connect with a deep innate inner healing intelligence.  Her alliance with you begins before your journey, supporting you in your preparation and clarity of intentions, so that you feel secure.  It continues after your journey in your integration session(s) which are a space for you to make meaning of the profound reflections you had.  Her style of integration is non-directive and relational, empowering your narrative so that you can anchor the growth that comes from it.

Pricing – $1200 – Includes 1 preparation session, 1 administration session,  and 1 integration session.  I provide a free 15 minute consultation to answer any questions.  Please reach out to me to schedule that on my website at heidichase.com.


Bonny Koeber M.D.

Bonny Koeber M.D.

Bonny worked for 35 years as an Anesthesiologist in Texas. She spent several of these years using Ketamine in studies she designed and initiated, to work with patients suffering with Major Depression. She retired from medicine in 2019 and moved to Oregon in 2020. Her training for her facilitation license was with The Leela School of Awakening Psilocybin Facilitation Program.

Bonny’s interest in altered states of consciousness goes back over twenty years. She has experienced and held space for ayahuasca, peyote, LSD, and psilocybin. Bonny’s primary goal is always safety of her clients in this sacred space held with love, empathy, experience, and maturity. Her secondary goal is to embrace social equity offering reduced pricing for veterans, BIPOC, and those with limited financial means. Bonny was also in the USAR for twelve years and was honorably discharged as a major in 1999. She has a passion in offering her services to Veterans which she offers at a reduced facilitation charge of $500.


Effective Anxiety Treatment | Psilocybin Journey Guide


Her facilitation fee is $1,500 inquire for lower rates. Pronouns: She/Her

    Dabney Finney

    Dabney boasts 25+ transformative years with psilocybin, nurturing deep connections personally and communally. Her empathetic guidance, rooted in indigenous traditions and plant medicines, creates a sacred space for clients. With a psychology degree from California Institute of Integral Studies and ongoing trauma-focused studies, she serves as a psycho-spiritual coach, doula, and flower farmer. Dabney passionately empowers individuals to unlock innate healing, an honored role she embraces wholeheartedly.

    • Facilitation Fee: inquire for pricing.




    Meixa Marie Shore

    With over two decades immersed in plant medicine ceremonies, I merge my roles as a Birth Doula, End-Of-Life Doula, Somatic Therapist and Movement Educator with a profound reverence for psilocybin’s transformative power. 

    Through the labyrinth of chronic pain and childhood trauma, I was blessedly unearthed by the implosive power of psilocybin, a sacred key that unlocked the gates to deep healing and inner awakening. My path has been one of beautiful discovery, where the mystical properties of psilocybin intertwine with the somatic realms of the body, offering a holistic approach to healing and growth.

    At threshold points in our life we need to be with who we have been in order to make space for who we want and need to be.  We all suffer.  We all want and need love. We all need forgiveness.  We all desire freedom. What do you really want from this voyage and from life? 

    As a Mother, I infuse my practice with compassion, and a deep connection to the wisdom of the body. Love, in infinite waves guides my way.

    My mission is to serve as a vessel of presence for healing, supporting others along the path of self-discovery and transformation. With an open heart and a reverence for the vastness of existence, I would be honored to be with you as you go deep and deeper in the voyage of your inner space. 

    All of you are welcome here,

    Meixa Marie Shore

    Pronouns: She/her


    Facilitation Fee: Inquire for pricing.


    *LGBTQ+ Honored, BiPOC, Veterans & Low-income



    Joshua Traphagen

    Meet Joshua, a seasoned psilocybin facilitator and devoted father with a quantum entanglement spanning multiple decades with psilocybin mushrooms. Balancing the responsibilities of parenthood with a profound connection to the psychedelic realm, Joshua brings a grounded and compassionate perspective to his work. Influenced by indigenous wisdom and a rich tapestry of personal and group experience, he underscores the importance of integrating psychedelic experiences for lasting positive change. With an empathic presence, he creates a safe space for exploration and self-discovery with grace, insight, and a unique sensitivity to the nuances of psilocybin’s impact on the human psyche. As co-founder of the Psilocybin Access Fund, Joshua is not only a guiding force but also a passionate advocate for social equity and access to psilocybin therapy.       
    Facilitation Fee: Inquire for pricing.                                                                                                                                                                                                     
    Schedule a call to meet Joshua and get answers to any questions you may have:

    Calendly – Joshua Traphagen





    Shasta Winn--Available August 1

    Shasta Winn, a compassionate counselor, teacher, and facilitator, brings over 18 years of experience assisting individuals, families, and groups with their wellness journeys.

    With a masters degree in psychology and over a decade running therapeutic programs, Shasta specializes in assisting with issues related to addictions, trauma, and goals related to spiritual growth and wellness.

    As the creator and director of Myco-Method, an OHA-approved facilitator training program, Shasta is committed to global expansion of quality facilitation education. Beyond training, she supports students and participants through transformative journeys, sharing practical techniques
    influenced by interfaith mysticism, biopsychological science, shamanic medicine, and eastern-meets-western energy practices.

    Shasta served as a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (MLADC) in New Hampshire, operating her private practice, Another Way Counseling PLLC, and briefly taught undergraduate Biopsychology for Southern NH University.

    In 2017 she transitioned her focus to healing through journeying. Since then, she has been creating transformative experiences using hypnotic and entheogenic tools.

    Founder of Saba Cooperative, Shasta also assists individuals and groups in navigating conflicts, relational challenges, and business disputes. Her passion extends to building healthy communities, fostering sustainable development, and living a nomadic life.

    Shasta’s personal relationship with psilocybin goes back over 26 years, however she completed training and initiations into these practices by undergoing a private 40-day hermitage in deep nature. During this intense period, Shasta formed a profound connection with psilocybin, allowing her to confidently assist others through their journeys. Her multifaceted background makes her not only a seasoned professional but also a dedicated advocate for personal growth and holistic healing.

    Facilitation Fee:  Shasta offers a sliding contribution scale based upon need.  Contact her for more information.