Our Southern Oregon Psilocybin Center, located in Ashland, has seen between 500 and 600 clients—the leading service center in the State of Oregon.

As a result we have the most experienced psilocybin facilitators in Oregon, and probably in the United States.

Each facilitator has successfully completed a State certified psilocybin facilitation program of 160 hours, and passed a State exam. Most of our facilitators worked in the “gray market” long before the legal framework existed, so they were already experienced.

The psilocybin service center environment is very different than the “gray market.” It is a controlled, safe, environment—a perfect setting for psychedelic assisted therapy.

But most importantly, consider the depth of experience of these individuals who (combined) have seen over 280 people.  That’s more than most service centers have seen:

Dabney Madrone 120+ Licensed Psilocybin Facilitator


Bonny Koeber 90+    Licensed Psilocybin Facilitator


Andreas Met 70+    Licensed Psilocybin Facilitator

Additionally, all Satya Therapeutics facilitators create the possibility of clients receiving affordable psilocybin treatment because they are committed to reasonable prices.

One of the most important attributes for psilocybin therapy is for the facilitator to be trauma-informed, which every facilitator at Satya has a broad depth of experience.

Having seen so many clients, we have tremendous experience bringing psilocybin therapy to Law Enforcement and other First Responders, Veterans, and helping people with complex PTSD.