Anxiety, Depression, Existential Crisis, or Simple Exploration:
We Prepare the Way for Your Journey


We customize a plan for your needs.

If you are new to psilocybin and want to see what this is all about, you can start with a smaller amount, say 1.0g, to have an experimental journey.

If you have anxiety, depression, or any other issue you want to take a deep look at, we offer 3.5g “therapeutic journey.”

If you have deep existential crisis, or want to look at your deepest issues we offer even larger amounts.  Unlike other service centers in the State, we serve up to the State limit on psilocybin: 50mg.  Sometimes a client needs to have 50mg to reach a level that allows them to tackle their issues.  As you do your research, be sure to ask “will my dosage be limited to 35mg, and if so why?”

Every journey begins with a State Licensed Facilitator. They will spend time (usually two hours) getting to know you, exploring your goals (intention) as you are prepared for the journey. After the preparation session, you will schedule the day of your journey. On that day you will be given psilocybin with your facilitator creating a safe space for you to explore, and return with new insights.

From time to time, or upon request, we offer group sessions. It’s the same basic service as an individual session, customized to your needs.

The difference in the process is you will have an individual preparation session, and on the day of the journey you will also have a group preparation session to get to know your fellow travelers.