Know Your Grower

Satya Therapeutics proudly grows Psilocybe Cubensis with great care in small lots.  We were awarded the second psilocybin grow license in Oregon. 

Our team has been involved in farming in Oregon and even in South Africa.  We have a foundation in no-till that lead to sustainable practices and diversity of life.  Our philosophy is driven by the belief that great sustenance and healing comes “from the earth.”

All of our grow materials are sourced “organic” and we adhere to a “no pesticide / fungicide” policy.


We Pass Savings Onward

We package products as either homogenized (powder) or whole mushrooms. We can build any size from 1g to 5g, or build to any
analyte (psilocybin content) content as well.

Our pricing structure to service centers is simple: $10.00 per gram delivered for 1g to 5g sizes. If you order by analyte then it’s $1.50 per mg of psilocybin. We show 1g pricing / 10mg Analyte for reference. All test results are mg/g analyte of psilocybin.

Our low prices allow service centers the opportunity to offer lower psilocybin to their clients.


Extraction Experts

We’ve started designing an “extraction” process to separate the psilocybin and psilocyn from the mushroom.  Our goal is to create products that taste better and have a faster activation time.  Extracts are more powerful, so you don’t have to consume nearly as much for the same effect.



Strain Test Result (mg/g) $/g 10mg Analyte Photo
Sama (Thai Genetic) 3.32 mg/g $12.50 3.01g / $37.63
Blue Storm (Brazil) 6.03 mg/g $12.50 1.66g / $20.75
Malmac (Rogue Valley) 4.21 mg/g $12.50 2.38g / $29.75
Halo (Modern Mushrooms) 5.84 mg/g $12.50 1.71g / $21.38